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I grew up all over Southern California and have been immersed with art in one form or another since I can remember. In the early 90’s ,when the graffiti craze came over from the east coast and really started to come alive, I was instantly drawn to it. I put all my effort and time in art with the spray can until around 2004 when I decided to add another medium. After seeing an art show by the famous Mark Ryden, I was blown away and instantly stirred. I had never seen paintings like his and now wanted to be able to paint in such a manner. I soon found myself in college painting classes and bought as many books as I could on the craft; one could say I was obsessed. I started going to art shows all over LA, talking to painters and studying what caught my eye - mostly trying to figure out technique and the how-to of sorts. A year later, I started showing paintings in the LA area mostly at Cannibal Flower and The Hive. Around this time in my life I began to get more heavily tattooed and was often trading works of art to get tattooed. Luckily for me I was soon asked to learn and began tattooing in 2007. I was, and still am, fortunate to know the tattoo artists I met early on. They have made it easy to be inspired and really helped me push myself personally. I’ve always had good mentors to gain knowledge from. When I really look back… it’s as if I was meant to tattoo. My life has certainly fallen into place so that I could start this unbelievable career - I wouldn’t have it any other way. I currently tattoo in a wonderful tattoo shop in Temecula Ca “. I travel a bit here and there, but keep things simple and low key, painting, tattooing, church and hanging out with my beautifull wife and daughter.



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