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A Work in Progress

Monday August 01, 2011

A Work in Progress - So it has been a pretty busy and great summer.  I had the opportunity to start some large projects that were fun.  I haven’t done any news updates lately because I have so many things just on the verge of completion. I have had the mind set “I’ll just wait till this one is done or that one“...the problem with that is there’s just always another one that should be finished around the corner - so I figure it’s time to just start doing them.   Life’s been real good to me - the busier I am, the happier I’ve always been. I am so stoked that tattooing is my actual job.  With all that said, even greater news is that I will be having my first child in November and my wife and I couldn’t be happier.  Also of note,  my best friend Jeremy Corns just moved to Spokane, Washington and is opening a shop down town called “Anchored Art Tattoo and Gallery“. The shop opens August 15th and I will be doing regular guest spots at this location, so… if you live in Washington or close enough for the commute and would like to get tattooed, contact me. Here are a couple of tattoos that are a work in progress


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